excel for corporate finance


00:00:14 Introduction to Course
00:06:15 Overview of Corporate Finance, WACC and Capital Structure, Cashflows
00:17:22 Capital budgeting in Excel
00:21:40 Capital Budgeting Scenarios
00:28:31 NPV
00:31:27 IRR
00:34:13 PBP and MIRR
00:37:19 Unexpected Events and Capital Budgeting
00:40:32 NPV and Scenario Analysis
00:45:28 Capital Structure in Excel
00:47:26 Using Excel and WACC
00:48:30 Capital Structure Options in Excel
00:52:13 Changes in Capital Structure
00:54:16 Estimating WACC in Excel
00:57:15 Sensitivity of WACC to Capital Structure
00:59:41 Optimal WACC
01:02:11 Operational Budgeting in Excel
01:03:50 Building a Budget in Excel
01:07:12 CAGR and long-term assumptions

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excel for corporate finance Chapters:00:00:14 Introduction to Course00:06:15 Overview of Corporate Finance, WACC and Capital Structure, Cashflows00:17:22 Capital budgeting in Excel00:21:40 Capital Budgeting Scenarios00:28:31 NPV00:31:27 IRR00:34:13 PBP and MIRR00:37:19 Unexpected Events and Capital Budgeting00:40:32 NPV and Scenario Analysis00:45:28 Capital Structure in Excel00:47:26 Using Excel and WACC00:48:30 Capital Structure Options in Excel00:52:13 Changes in Capital Structure00:54:16 Estimating WACC in Excel00:57:15 Sensitivity of WACC to Capital Structure00:59:41 Optimal WACC01:02:11 Operational Budgeting in Excel01:03:50 Building a Budget in Excel01:07:12 CAGR and long-term assumptions40 Under 40 AnalyticsIndian Achievers Award for Young EntrepreneurConsulted Government of India, Fortune 500, Unicorns, Big 3 and Big 4Faculty at IIM ABCLK + IITsAuthor of 20 booksWebsite:https://www.havishmconsulting.com/Courses:https://www.havishmconsulting.com/shopMedium:https://havish-madhvapaty.medium.com/GitHub:https://github.com/havishmad

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